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Comics Workbook is edited by Frank Santoro. Contributors: Dorothy Berry, Chuck Forsman, Jack Hayden, Suzette Smith, Jen Vaughn, Andrew White, Gabrielle Gamboa, Sophie Yanow, Brandon Soderberg, L. Nichols, Alyssa Berg, Mickey Z, Simon Hanselmann, Leah Wishnia, Alex Schubert, Katie Brawl, Aidan Koch, Dan Haycocks, Oliver East, Zach Mason, Annie Mok, Jessica Campbell, Warren Craghead, Todd Webb, Darryl Ayo, Sara Lautman, Sarah Crowe

If you are interested in taking the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers - please email santoroschoolATgmailDOTcom

Comics Workbook Magazine is a print publication of comics and writing about comics produced on a roughly bimonthly schedule and with a wide range of contributors, including but not limited to contributors to the Comics Workbook tumblr. It is edited by Andrew White and Zach Mason, with editorial supervision from Frank Santoro. Issues can be ordered online through Copacetic Comics:

Comics Workbook Magazine #1

Comics Workbook Magazine #2

Comics Workbook Magazine #3

Comics Workbook Magazine #4

Inquires about Comics Workbook Magazine can be sent to comicsworkbook at gmail. We are always eager to receive your feedback or to hear from new potential contributors.