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Fall course


I have one spot left open. Someone was accepted and then had to drop out. Course starts next week. Application guidelines here.

RE Composition Competition

Winners will be announced Tuesday September 23rd. In the original announcement - here - I wrote that the winners would be announced on Saturday September 23rd. Well, I fucked up. I got the date right but the day of the week wrong, duh, sorry. Please let your friends know who entered the contest. Thanks for your patience.

Here is the final list of the entries. Please check it out - great stuff. -FS



by Sam Bourman-Karns

made for Comics Workbook


Tabor  by spencer sturdevant

For comics workbook composition competition


Semi-Vivi by GG

Made for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2014

You can read a bit bigger version on my website if Tumblr makes the pages too small.

If anyone is interested, I am also going to be printing this as a tabloid sized newspaper (11.5x15”). You can preorder it on my website or with this paypal link ($15 includes shipping worldwide; shipping late September.) Thanks!


Kalen Knowles - RULES

This is my entry for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition! I…think it qualifies?