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Jack Reese- Don’t Eat It.  For the Comics Workbook composition competition. Josh Bayer just wrote an extremely nice review of this on facebook where he called it “unbelievable.” I don’t think it’s that good but that’s pretty fucking cool of him.


A year flies by. This is my entry for the comicsworkbook COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2014.  

Alexander Rothman and I also plan to publish some collected work for this year’s CAB.

This is a non-commercial work of collage. Where appropriate, lyrics attributable to the bands Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Poe, Stabbing Westward, Porcupine Tree, Sneaker Pimps, Soul Coughing. Selected and manipulated visuals are attributable to iTunes and MilkDrop for WinAmp visualizers.


Core - by Jordan Witter

made for comics workbook composition competition 2014.


Captain Kaplan, by Haan Lee

Made for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2014


Jared Cullum - Ancora Imparo

This is my short story submission for franksantoro's  comicsworkbook 2014 contest. 

For a larger version you can go here:

This comic was drawn with these materials:
Carbon ink
Watercolor & Casein paint
White acrylic (for corrections)

I also just picked up printed versions that will be available at spx next week. You can find me and my friend shatterlands at C1A. Although, full disclosure, my son is due to be born the week after… If he comes early and I can’t make it to SPX copies will be available online.

You can find more stuff by me at

Hope you like it. Thanks very much.


Louise Marie Elsa - Afterlife

for Santoro’s 2014 Composition Competition

The first picture comes from this website.

TW: suicide, violence, blood, knife, dead bodies



adapted from Marina Abramović’s “Rhythm 0” Performed in Morra Studio, Naples, Italy (1974)

For Frank Santoro’s  comicsworkbook COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2014. 

Planning on putting it in the upcoming SAW Anthology, "framework" for SPX. (I better get back to printing it.)


Edit: link goes to the high res files

Meghan Turbitt
subway sketchbook

Meghan Turbitt

subway sketchbook

Simon Hanselmann marries Comics


A wedding video in which Simon is a beautiful bride and a very special boy, Michael DeForge demonstrates his trademark comedic deadpan, I’m a slouchy doofus, Sean T. Collins looks extremely handsome in a suit, Gary Groth is the king of the sexy murder dads, and Jacq Cohen is the best comics wedding planner in the business. Taken by Heidi MacDonald last Saturday night at SPX 2014.