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Regarding Comics Workbook Magazine

First, Comics Workbook Magazine #5 will include a letters column. Write to comicsworkbook at gmail dot com with your comments, criticism, and your best Frank Santoro jokes. All messages sent to this address will be considered for publication unless you explicitly say otherwise. We may edit your letter for space and clarity.

I’d also like to mention that Comics Workbook Magazine is always interested in hearing from people who are interested in contributing to the publication themselves or would like to suggest someone else we should consider approaching. We can’t publish everyone, of course, and we do try to maintain a high (and sometimes irrational) editorial standard. We also can’t pay you as much as you deserve. However, we are unflinchingly committed to maintaining a diverse and wide-ranging list of contributors.
Thank you. We have worked hard on the previous four issues of the magazine and we think they’ve come out very well. Please consider ordering them if you haven’t.
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    Have the issue on the pile to reread so I can write a letter. But I am soooo slow with stuff lately.
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    We’re still looking for letters, and for potential contributors!
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